Papain used in beer chill proofing

When EDC began producing enzymes in 1953, its original product was papain for beer chill proofing. This application was the original use for papain in the food industry.

One of the first references to this application was from 1911. When beer is stored at refrigerated temperatures, the polyphenols and proteins in the beer form complex bonds, causing cloudiness in the beer, referred to as “Chill Haze.” This haze will initially disappear when the cold beer is warmed, but after several cooling and warming cycles, the haze can become permanent, regardless of the beer temperature.

Papain hydrolyzes the proteins involved in the polyphenol-protein interactions, preventing their formation and resulting in a bright, clear beer. EDC’s Liquipanol T-100, a liquid papain product, is used at a dosage rate of approximately 1 lb per 100 barrels of beer for this application. The papain is added prior to filtration and bottling/packaging.

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