What is Papain?

Papain is a botanical protease from the Carica papaya that is used in food processing, nutraceutical supplements, animal feed and industrial applications. Papain is commonly used as the active component in meat tenderizer, digestive supplements, tooth paste, and animal feed. It’s used as a processing aid in the production of protein isolate, soup stocks, bakery products, flavors, hypoallergenic proteins, and much more. Papain is vegetarian and vegan friendly, suitable for use in both kosher and Halal products, and is Non-GMO.

Papain uses in meat products

Papain > Meat

Papain is commonly used as the active component of meat tenderizer.
In low dosages it can improve the quality and palatability of lower end cuts of meat, such as: beef, chicken, pork, jerky, sausage casings (for reduction of toughness), fish, and shellfish

Papain is used in meat Flavors
At higher dosages, it can be used for meat and fish hydrolysis, which are used in: soup bases, savory flavors, gelatin processing, reduced fermentation time for fish sauce, and yeast hydrolysates

Papain > Plant

Papain can also be used in plant protein hydrolysis:
It is used on soy, wheat, peas, pulses, corn, barley, and sorghum to help with reducing viscosity

It is used in the production of: Hypoallergenic proteins and hydrolyzed proteins with functional properties (Replacement of egg whites and milk solids)

Plant flavor production: Peptide and amino acid production for flavors similar to meat and dairy and salt replacement and yeast hydrolysis


Papain uses in Pet Products

Papain > Animal

Pet food and animal feed:

• Production of savory flavors for pet foods

• Treatment of hairballs in cats and rabbits

• Improves the hydrolysis of protein in animal feeds

• Papain improves nutrition and ensiling of forages

• Organic protease for use in poultry feeds

Papain > Baking

• Dough relaxation

• Reducing mix time

• Increasing pan flow

• Decreasing snap back of shaped dough, such as pizza crust

• Improving Cracker Production

Papain uses in baking products


Papain > Personal Care

• Active ingredient in toothpaste for cleaning teeth and gums

• Protease to support digestion