A Natural
from Papaya.

Our history with Papain

Enzyme Development Corporation (EDC) was founded in 1953. Our first product was Papain for chill proofing/clarifying beer, and is still used for this application today. Papain use has also expanded into numerous food, nutritional supplement, animal feed, and industrial processing applications that require protein hydrolysis.

EDC is the only producer of Papain in the western hemisphere. At our factory in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we produce standardized Papain powders and liquids, as well as unstandardized concentrates. We also produce a no sulfite added Papain that is OMRI Listed for use in Organic food processing applications and in Organic animal feeds.

Papain. A Natural Protease from Papaya.

Papain Facts

• Papain is a Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Protease, and is Non-GMO

• Papain is Kosher (Kof-K) and Halal (IFANCA) certified

• Papain is a sulfhydryl protease extracted from the water-soluble portion of the latex of the fruit of Carica Papaya.

Papain Applications