Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K

Enzyme Development Corporation announces new product, Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K


Ficin has been sold generally as a powder preparation.  EDC announces the availability of a standardized liquid ficin preparation.

Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K is suitable for use in protein hydrolysis, especially plant based proteins for use in meat alternatives, gelatin hydrolysis and EMC’s (Enzyme Modified Cheeses).  Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K works well on milk proteins as well as wheat, soy, pea/pulses, rice, oat and other proteins. 

Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K has a number of advantages as protease.  It is Non-GMO.  It is gluten-free. It is a vegan suitable protease.  It is both Halal and Kosher certified.

Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K works well with other proteases to provide a high degree of hydrolysis and to provide unique flavors. 

Enzeco® Ficin Liquid 50K shows a lower temperature of inactivation compared to papain or to bromelain so may be more effective in systems that have temperature limitations.  Ficin is also a GRAS approved enzyme. (21 CFR 184.1316).

To discuss your specific application or request samples, please contact Enzyme Development Corporation at info@EnzymeDevelopment.com